ENAVE hosts RSG – the Recreational Craft Sectoral Group – in Ferrara

For the first time we have had the pleasure of welcoming the RSG workgroup to Ferrara; we had a very constructive meeting together at the splendid Estensi Castle.

RSG was set up by the European Commission with the aim of supervising the application and unified interpretation of EC Directive 2013/53 as it pertains to recreational craft (RCD).

The panel was made up of representatives from Notified Bodies, Administrative Cooperation Groups (AdCos) and other European Commission bodies, recreational craft manufacturers like NMMA (National Marine Manufactures Association) and ICOMIA (The International Council of Marine Industry Associations), user associations and European standardisation bodies such as CEN/CENELEC.

Throughout Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th March, the first of three meetings scheduled for 2017 was held. The next meetings will be held at Leuwen on the 19th and  20th of April – on the occasion of the 45th RSG Committee Meeting – and then at Ischia on the 26th and 27th of September – in conjunction with a meeting of the RSG Technical Subgroups.

This session had the aim of sharing experiences on the application of the RCD conformity and assessment procedures; the idea was to improve understanding of the Directive, and to promote a uniform application of its requisites and procedures.

During the meeting we heard several technical opinions on the procedures used for conformity assessment; the ultimate aim was to achieve consensus and provide the European Commission with the benefits of our careful and professional scrutiny. In particular, we discussed in depth procedures for post-construction assessment (PCA); electronic fuel-monitoring devices; start-in-gear protection devices/outboard motors and fitting regulations (EU 2017/1 dated 3rd January 2017); and jet-ski identification procedures (pursuant to and by effect of EU 2013/53). We also talked at length on the ethical aspects of the services provided by Notified Bodies, and decided on several procedures to adopt with a view to Europe-wide and international standardisation.

Thus the RSG proved to be an ideal forum for the exchange of information and discussion of issues relevant to conformity assessment and other technical aspects of EU Directive 2013/53, further to providing the both the permanent RCD supervisory body and the European Commission with useful guidelines regarding the law and its application.

This kind of meeting is therefore of crucial importance because it provides those affected by EU regulation with a voice  – a direct line to the lawmakers themselves. Furthermore, it promotes widespread international participation, debate and exchange of information – the very essence of the European spirit!




Düsseldorf Boot, new horizons for ENAVE

It’s just been a few hours since we got back from Düsseldorf Boot and we are still reeling from all of the sights, sounds and innovations we experienced at this year’s boat show – which again in 2017 has confirmed itself as truly the greatest in Europe.

A total of 1800 exhibitors from 70 different countries were housed in 17 pavilions, spread over a surface area of 220 thousand square meters, and more than 240,000 visitors from all over the world came to enjoy the show.

The organiser of this year’s trade fair, Werner Matthias Dornscheidt, had these proud words to say, “Boot effortlessly manages to meet everybody’s expectations; it is a platform for both entertainment and business.”

Indeed, this visit to Germany has been extremely proficuous for ENAVE. Thanks to the show, we have managed to expand our network, making new business connections from around the world, including several boatyards from northern Europe, who have expressed great interest in our services.

The opportunity provided by the show to talk directly with others operating in the sector enabled us to verify that the new 2013/53 directive was being implemented successfully by the manufacturers, and this important showroom for the boating world also provided the perfect setting for us to consolidate our recently established collaboration with the French firm Highfield boats – market leaders in RIB construction.

Giuseppe Macolino, our Chair and co-founder, together with Francesco Prinzivalli, was delighted, saying “for a firm like ours, Düsseldorf is an unmissable event. There we were able to strengthen the links we forged at the METS with leading Italian component manufacturers on the European and international markets. These firms are very appreciative of the specialist services we provide and the reputation we are building in the sector. They consider us strategic partners in all aspects of certification.”




ENAVE Quality Assessment – a mark of your commitment to excellence


logo_eqaThe quality of a product is not evident only in its appearance but It is represented by the right balance among a good project, suitable materials used in the production, the care and passion that are dedicated to the smallest details and environmental protection and consumers. Often, however, communicate this value is not easy.

For this reason, we are pleased to introduce our new service:

ENAVE Quality Assessment – EQA

 a voluntary certification that ensures the high quality of any product or service on the nautical market.

EQA is a valid alternative, or a complement to the CE marking, regulated for the leisure shipping by Directive 2013/53/UE, and certify the technical and functional characteristics of recretional craft components, logistics facilities and services for recreation.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we have been able to develop a Valuation Regulations to allow you to demonstrate the excellence of your products and increase your sales due to the increase of trust of your customers.

Having the EQA voluntary certification, shows the will to “do well” and improves your image and visibility at local and international levels, making your company an industry leader, with consequent benefits both on the customers and on the domestic staff.

EQA enhances the reputation of the product or service of your company and it can be a useful promotional device. Performing action to improve your business, gives to stakeholder (employees, customers, suppliers, ect..) a clear message that the company is committed to high standards and pursues a continuous improvement in the quality of its products or services, attracting new investment and even removing trade barriers.

Our skills, officially recognized by the European Economic Community, are available to producers and service providers around the world, to evaluate the performance and identify opportunities for development” – declares Mr Giuseppe Macolino – founder member of the company.

ENAVE is therefore ready to accompany your company in this way, pre-established and agreed, providing a valuable support in all steps of preparation, implementation, obtaining certification through document analysis and on-site audit and by laboratory tests and focused tests. At the end of the evaluation, is issued a certificate of quality and the product or service can then obtain the label EQA.

EQA – a mark you can trust

For further details about the service click here.





A Great Adventure: being technical sponsor for Michele Zambelli and his Illumia 12 in the Rolex Middle Sea Race.

We recently eagerly threw all our considerable resources behind certifying a Class 9.50 Illumia 12 in a race against time.

We only had a few days in which to certify the quality of the “Tenace” boat, designed by Sam Manuard and masterfully built by Alessandro Bruno, in time for it to participate in one of the world’s most challenging offshore races.  

In this case, together with the owner and the skipper Michele Zambelli, we took the decision to certify the Illumia 12 using a post-construction procedure, i.e. CE marking of a vessel already in operation. Within this assessment framework we were able to verify the boat’s conformity to EU basic safety standards by collating the relevant documentation and carrying out the necessary tests.

We were so enthusiastic about the Illumia 12 project that we also offered our services as technical sponsors – an offer that was gladly accepted by the “Tenace” team.

Now the Illumia 12 is free to crest the waves, its first outing has been to Malta to participate in the historic Rolex Middle Sea Race. The race, which began in the 1960s as a face-off between several members of the Royal Malta Yacht Club, is considered by those in the know as one of the most strenuous and exhilarating offshore races in the Mediterranean – on a par with the Fastnet and the Sidney to Hobart.

The Rolex Middle Sea Race has always attracted the big international names in sailing, from Eric Tabarly to Sir Francis Chichester, and from Admiral Straulino to Cino Ricci and Raul Gardini, who all, by leaving their names in the Royal Malta Yacht Club roll of honour, helped to make this institution a legend in its lifetime.

Michele Zambelli and Luca Tosi, his partner in this initiative, are currently awaiting the cannon shot that traditionally signals the start of the race. Scheduled to begin at 11 am on Saturday 22nd of October 2016, the Rolex Middle Sea Race involves anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Sicily, with the Aeolian and Egadi islands, Pantelleria and Lampedusa to the left, arriving in Marsamxett Harbour after a total of 607 miles. At the time of writing, there were over 100 boats signed up.

“This will be my first time,” says Zambelli, “and my aim is to place well in the tables but even more important is to put the boat to the test.” Indeed, Illumia 12 has recently spent an intensive period in a boatyard in Rimini, where the skipper oversaw its improvement in view of the OSTAR race being held in May 2017.

Zambelli has, however, crewed alongside Tosi on the Illumia 12 before, although in the Italian 500×2 race rather than the Rolex Middle Sea.

“It isn’t just friendship with Luca,” Zambelli concludes, “but also great professional regard, so it was natural that we work together again for this race.”

“The respect and friendship are mutual,” comments Luca Tosi, “but I must add that this 9.50 is the most beautiful boat I’ve ever raced on. I’ve just come down from the Moro Challenge at Venice – an incredible experience in the past – and I have two years aboard the Maserati in my future “baggage”. But my present with the Illumia 12 is enthralling. We will no doubt have a great race, smiling as we give our all – a distinguishing feature aboard the Illumia.”

We’ll also be cheering our team from the heart in their race to victory – may the wind be strong at your backs guys!

4th National ENAVE Training Workshop

On Wednesday 21st September we held the 4th National ENAVE Training Workshop in the splendid setting of Genoa’s Starhotels President Hotel. The meeting, organised to coincide with the 56th International Boat Show, was an opportunity for the exchange of information and know-how between our managers and technical staff from all over Italy.   

After a brief recap of 2016’s events and setting out objectives for 2017, ENAVE was pleased to unveil its brand-new website, alongside related promotional materials such as the firm brochure and flyers. Also on the agenda was an interesting presentation of the latest regulations, with a particular focus on the new EU Directive 2013/53, which will definitively replace the old EU Directive 94/25 on the 17th of January.  

All presentations were enthusiastically received by the Workshop’s attendees, who took on board ENAVE’s advice and suggestions, as well as sharing news of their own projects on this instructive occasion – deemed unmissable by all present.

For the fourth year running, the ENAVE management team were delighted for the chance not only to express their thanks to their staff and collaborators by pampering them in one of the best venues on the Ligurian coast, but also to encourage them to play a part in the future growth of the firm via a lively and productive exchange of their valuable opinions and ideas.   

These meetings are, and will remain, vital events for the firm which, despite the energy and time required to organise them, views such occasions as valuable opportunities to touch base with all those who have contributed to their continuing success.

The new EU Directive 2013/53 consigns EC Directive 94/25 to the scrapheap

From the 18th January 2017, it will not be allowed to sell boats, jet-skis, components or pleasurecraft motors that have not been certified according to EU Directive 2013/53. On the same date, certifications issued under the old EC Directive 94/25 will no longer be valid.

In short, the new law:

  • Clarifies and updates the design categories (A, B, C and D) of watercraft on the basis of marine weather conditions
  • Reduces the gaseous emission limits for motors to below those dictated by the legislation adopted in 2003
  • Updates the “safeguard clause”, improving the criteria for market surveillance (especially for imported products)
  • Establishes new requisites for manufacturers, importers and distributors of boating supplies

In addition, the new Directive tightens and extends several of the basic requirements of watercraft, such as protection against falling overboard, prevention of discharge at sea, buoyancy, and means of escape from multi-hulled vessels.

Any manufacturer or distributor of watercraft or boating components is welcome to turn to ENAVE for the re-issue of safety certificates to comply with EU/2013/53, whether for new products or those that have been on the market for some time. ENAVE has already been authorised by the Italian Ministries of Economic Development and Transport to issue new CE certificates, and we are on hand to help you review and update your technical dossiers in line with the new legislation.

Get in touch with the ENAVE office staff, who will be happy to provide you with the information you need and a quote for supervising the transition from the old to the new CE certificates.



With great pride we were able to contribute to the restoration of the beautiful LiscaBianca (“White Scale”). Although long, complex and difficult, this was a stimulating social project rich in fascinating and proficuous encounters. Despite the fact that our services are provided out of the limelight, we nevertheless gave this project our all, acting as technical partner during the replacement of the primary engine – necessary after a long period of unuse – and certifying the safety and quality of the LiscaBianca overhaul.

As a firm offering specialist services in nautical engineering and EC Notified Body, we are authorised to conduct assessments of conformity to CE marking standards, and carry out inspections to determine the eligibility of boats for the Italian national safety certificate.

Arriving in Palermo, where the vessel was docked, our staff were quickly infected with the contagious energy and enthusiasm of the Lisca Bianca Association, who as well as ensuring that an historic sailboat – which almost completed two round-the-world trips in the 1980s – returned to the waves, used this restoration project as a means of promoting social and occupational inclusion.

The main mission of the Association was to use sailing not only as a fun recreational activity, but also as a tool for educating young people from less advantaged backgrounds – both a therapy and a source of opportunities to turn away from crime.

As declared by our founding member and general manager Giuseppe Macolino, “we were overjoyed to be involved in this socially useful and educational project. We are equally happy to be able to add the Lisca Bianca to the list of vessels certified by ENAVE, both for the quality of her construction and due to the course she took in the 1980s, sailing around the world.”

Francesco Prinzivalli, originally from Palermo and another of our founding members, echoed these sentiments: “I felt truly engaged in this project, which gave me an opportunity to relive part of the history and nautical tradition of my home town. Lisca Bianca has been a global ambassador for Sicilian culture and traditions, and her launch at Cala, the historic port of Palermo, was, in my opinion, an extremely important and emblematic event for our country.”



With the greatest pleasure we announce the unveiling of the all-new ENAVE website.

At enave.it you will find an overview of the services we provide, all the help you need to access them, and a just a few of the projects in our portfolio. You will also be able to read more about us and the partners we choose in order to enable us meet your every demand.

If you sign up to our newsletter you will be kept up to date on all the exciting news on our progress and the nautical world, as well as information regarding all the latest laws, standards and regulations governing pleasurecrafting and CE marking.

Navigating around our site you will be treated to lots of stunning images of sailboats and motor yachts, inspiring you to dream of far-flung destinations and relive the excitement of your journeys across the waves, buoyed by the exhilarating scent of the sea.

Remember that ENAVE shares your passion! Come aboard with us and you will travel sure in the knowledge that you have the perfect mate to help you sail safely and securely across the complex waters of boating regulations.