ENAVE – Ente Navale Europeo

ENAVE – Ente Navale Europeo – is a youthful and dynamic firm providing specialist consultancy services in the marine engineering sector. We cater for all types of recreational and commercial boating projects with professional integrity, technical expertise and intellectual autonomy.


At ENAVE we pride ourselves on offering our clients a comprehensive service, handling not only the complex bureaucratic procedures and paperwork involved in compliance with the laws in force, but also helping you to steer through all the phases of product development or ownership.

Authorised by both the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development to operate in the boating industry, the firm has rapidly become a point of reference for the nautical world in Italy, thanks to our focus on scientific, technological and training research and development.

As an EU Notified Body, ENAVE is authorised to perform compliance assessment for CE marking, and carry out inspections and testing for to the Italian watercraft safety certificate.


Combining their considerable experience, the marine engineers Giuseppe Macolino and Francesco Prinzivalli set up ENAVE – Ente Navale Europeo LLC in 2010.

Giuseppe Macolino matured his professional experience in some of the world’s leading pleasure-craft boatyards, and is specialised in the management of all phases of the design and construction of luxury yachts built to a wide range of sizes and specifications. Francesco Prinzivalli developed his professional expertise in the naval and civil boatbuilding industries, later bringing his skills to bear on the design and project management of boats for commercial fishing and dredging, and the construction of tourist docks and ports.

The aim of the two engineers was to create a multifunctional firm that would be able to quickly and efficiently meet the diverse needs of the nautical community by bringing together the various skills of a wide network of specialist professionals.

ENAVE: we share your passion