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Expand Your Career Horizons: Become a CE Inspector!

Invitation for Naval Engineers and Recreational Boating Professionals

Working at ENAVE! Become a CE Inspector with ENAVE, enabling you to provide CE certification for recreational boats as an additional service offering.

ENAVE is seeking new CE inspectors worldwide.

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ENAVE is looking for new CE inspectors worldwide!

A CE inspector is appointed by ENAVE and accredited by the Ministry of Infrastructure & Transport to provide CE certification services for pleasure craft and to carry out inspections on pleasure craft for the renewal, issuance, and validation of the safety certificate, even following significant modifications to non-CE marked pleasure craft.

CE inspectors are freelance professionals to whom ENAVE offers a professional assignment as Operational Technician for analysis, verification calculations, and technical tests, as required by current regulations, to verify compliance for the issuance of the CE certificate for pleasure craft and their components according to Directive 2013/53/EU.

How can I become a CE inspector?

ENAVE has a dedicated training program. The training can be done online or at our or your offices, and consists of theoretical courses and a practical fieldwork program with a tutor.

The first-level theoretical course allows you to be qualified to conduct inspections on pleasure craft for the renewal, issuance, and validation of the safety certificate and for the inspection to assess suitability following significant modifications to pleasure craft not equipped with CE marking. The course consists of several days depending on the delivery method, and a final assessment session. After successfully passing the initial assessment, you will move on to the practical fieldwork program, which involves conducting multiple inspection visits under the supervision of qualified ENAVE inspectors, who serve as tutors and provide their evaluations to the ENAVE Management for the final assessment.

After passing these evaluations, you can access the second-level course, which allows you to certify pleasure craft according to European Directive RCD 2013/53/EU as a qualified ENAVE inspector.

The training program costs €300 for the first-level course and €500 for the second-level course (excluding travel expenses to your office if you prefer us to come to you), and to access it, you must:

  • Hold a high school diploma or university degree with a proven educational background in the nautical/maritime sector or in the field of naval design and construction.

Are you already a CE inspector with another notified body?

We only need your CV and educational certificates, and you will automatically qualify.

Why should I become a CE inspector?

CE certification for pleasure craft is mandatory in all European and EEA countries and applies to every new unit or component to be placed on the market or that will undergo significant modifications.

The safety certificate is mandatory in Italy for all pleasure craft with a length between 10 and 24m or registered with the RID, and as it applies to existing boats, it represents a market that is not experiencing a decline.

In both cases, inspection checks for a professional represent the vehicle for an integrated service; therefore, becoming a CE inspector allows you to expand your service offerings that customers will always appreciate. Furthermore, accreditation is not difficult, and thanks to the ENAVE training program, you can start operating quickly.

Collaborating with a Notified Body increases your visibility and can enhance the prestige of your company. ENAVE European Naval Entity Srl is jointly recognized by both the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development, and we operate in the field of pleasure craft in accordance with:

  • EN ISO/IEC 17020 – for Inspections
  • EN ISO/IEC 17021 – for Certification of management systems
  • EN ISO/IEC 17065 – for Product Certification

As a Notified Body to the European Community by the Italian State (N.B. 2406), we are authorized to conduct conformity assessment procedures for CE marking and to carry out inspections of suitability for the safety certificate of pleasure craft flying the Italian flag.

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