ENAVE at the Monac Solar & Energy Boat Challenge

ENAVE will be the technical sponsor of LG Yacht – Anvera, whose electrically powered boat will participate in the 6th edition of the Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge from the 2nd to 6th July 2019.

The Monaco Solar & Energy Boat Challenge is a competition featuring boats with alternative propulsion systems that use only renewable energy sources. The event brings together three categories of motorboats in the Solar, Offshore and Energy classes. The new prototype from the LG Yacht shipyard, Anvera Elab, is in the Offshore class, a competition that involves a 36-mile run without fossil fuels.

Anvera Elab is a planing craft built of carbon fibre and has all-electric propulsion. The CE marking of the unit carried out by ENAVE involved analysis of the characteristics of the unit, which, given its particular use, required special attention due to the need to comply with the Essential Requirements imposed by the 2013/53 EU Directive.

A racing unit like Anvera Elab features, on the one hand, simplifications, given the absence of certain systems and components, but on the other hand its future use by a non-professional user necessitates several precautionary measures to ensure that such a craft complies with the EU  Directive, whose primary purpose is protection of the user and the environment.

For ENAVE it has been extremely satisfying to support the construction in this new challenge as both a certification body and a sponsor.

All we can do now is to wish them a fair wind!