ENAVE for offshore racing

On behalf of the World Sailing Federation, we provide a service to review the structural designs and calculations for sailing boats with a view to their participation in offshore racing.

As agents of World Sailing, we inspect and analyse the plans for boats set to compete in offshore racing categories 0, 1 and 2, ensuring that they conform to the Offshore Special Regulation.

The Structural Plan Review is the process by which a boat’s construction according to ISO 12215 structural sizing standards is certified. This certification is obligatory for craft competing in offshore races such as the Middle Sea Race, the Fastnet, the Sidney to Hobart, and the Volvo Ocean Race, i.e. categories 0, 1 or 2, as well as “restricted” races with specific rules such as the prestigious TP 52.

ENAVE’s Structural Plan Review and World Sailing certification is available to boat builders and owners of any craft (standard, modified or one-off) that may need to conform to the Offshore Special Regulation.

ENAVE’s technical staff are on hand to guide its clients through the assessment process, requesting the appropriate documentation and plans as needed on a case by case basis. This step-by-step procedure guarantees that all sailing boats registered to compete in even the most demanding races adhere to the required design and safety standards.

The shared aim of ENAVE and World Sailing is to enable vessel owners to expand their range of navigation, and to set themselves ever greater technical and competitive goals, sure that their boat adheres to the most stringent safety standards.


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