ENAVE for quality

ENAVE Quality Assessment – The mark of your commitment to excellence!

ENAVE Quality Assessment

EQA is a voluntary certification system that attests to the high quality of products and services in the nautical industry.

It represents a valid alternative or complement to CE marking, regulated by Directive 2013/53/EU. EQA confirms the technical and functional characteristics of:

  • Components of pleasure craft such as bollards, boarding gangways, and mooring lines;
  • Pleasure craft, both in the case of used sales and modifications that do not constitute “significant transformations”;
  • Logistic structures for boating such as floating docks and anchorages;
  • Boating services such as port activities, tourism, or environmental protection.

Our expertise, officially recognized by the European Economic Community, covers classification regulations, European directives, and international standardization.

ENAVE for Quality

The extensive experience of our network of professionals, operating in the design, production, management, and operation of production plants and port structures, as well as in the management and operation of pleasure and commercial craft, is available to manufacturers and service providers worldwide to evaluate performance and identify development and improvement opportunities.

After a predetermined and agreed-upon process, during which the qualitative levels of all phases leading to commercialization are evaluated, we issue a certificate of quality. The EQA mark thus becomes a guarantee of excellence for the product or service.

The technical staff of Enave, through a Evaluation Regulation, drawn up on the basis of professional integrity, impartiality, and respect for a rigorous Quality System, and a Technical Discipline based on international quality standards for materials, for the elaboration of technical specifications for ergonomics and performance, for the definition of minimum quality levels of processes, establishes, through documentary examinations and on-site audits and with targeted laboratory tests and tests, the global performance of the product/service and measures it against what is currently on the market.

EQA is an opportunity to demonstrate the excellence of your products and increase customer confidence. It represents a demonstration of attention to environmental sustainability and the protection of the surrounding territory.

Obtaining voluntary EQA certification demonstrates a commitment to “doing well” and improves your image and visibility both locally and internationally.

ENAVE Quality Assessment – EQA: measuring your passion for excellence!

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