ENAVE for quality

ENAVE Quality Assessment – a mark of your commitment to excellence

ENAVE Quality Assessment – EQA – is a voluntary certification system that attests the high quality of any product or service on the nautical market. It represents an opportunity to increase your share in the market by demonstrating the superior quality of your products and services – a mark your customers can trust. Indeed, ENAVE Quality Assessment is a clear sign of your commitment to excellence in the manufacture of products and/or the provision of services, also demonstrating your attention to sustainability and environmental concerns. In short, getting a voluntary EQA certificate testifies to your dedication to “doing good” as well as “doing well”, boosting your image and visibility both locally and internationally.

Our expertise in classification regulation, European law and international unification standards is officially recognised by the EEC, and EQA is therefore a valid alternative or complement to CE marking, governed by EU Directive 2013/53.

EQA certifies the superior technical and functional characteristics of:

  • boating components, including bollards, gangways and mooring lines etc.
  • docking structures, like floating docks and anchorage points
  • services associated with boating, such as docking, tourism and environmental protection services

Following a thorough performance evaluation and quality assessment of all phases of development and commercialisation of a product or service, carried out within an agreed and pre-established time frame, we issue a certificate attesting that the product or service conforms to the rigorous EQA standards and is therefore entitled to bear the EQA mark.

ENAVE’s experts adhere to a precise Assessment Regulatory Code, drawn up to ensure their integrity, impartiality, and commitment to strict quality assessment guidelines, and exacting Technical Regulations based on international quality standards for materials, the development of specific techniques for ergonomics and performance, and the definition of minimum quality requirements for processes. Adhering to these standards, our associates will be happy to conduct on-site audits, document analysis, laboratory tests and other targeted analyses to evaluate the overall performance of your product or service, as compared to alternatives already on market.

Our network of professional staff has considerable experience in the design, construction, supervision and management of manufacturing and dockside facilities, as well as the operation and piloting of pleasure and commercial craft. ENAVE is therefore perfectly placed to assist manufacturers and service providers the world over who wish to identify opportunities in their operation for improvement and growth.

EQA – a mark you can trust

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