ENAVE Quality Assessment – a mark of your commitment to excellence


logo_eqaThe quality of a product is not evident only in its appearance but It is represented by the right balance among a good project, suitable materials used in the production, the care and passion that are dedicated to the smallest details and environmental protection and consumers. Often, however, communicate this value is not easy.

For this reason, we are pleased to introduce our new service:

ENAVE Quality Assessment – EQA

 a voluntary certification that ensures the high quality of any product or service on the nautical market.

EQA is a valid alternative, or a complement to the CE marking, regulated for the leisure shipping by Directive 2013/53/UE, and certify the technical and functional characteristics of recretional craft components, logistics facilities and services for recreation.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we have been able to develop a Valuation Regulations to allow you to demonstrate the excellence of your products and increase your sales due to the increase of trust of your customers.

Having the EQA voluntary certification, shows the will to “do well” and improves your image and visibility at local and international levels, making your company an industry leader, with consequent benefits both on the customers and on the domestic staff.

EQA enhances the reputation of the product or service of your company and it can be a useful promotional device. Performing action to improve your business, gives to stakeholder (employees, customers, suppliers, ect..) a clear message that the company is committed to high standards and pursues a continuous improvement in the quality of its products or services, attracting new investment and even removing trade barriers.

Our skills, officially recognized by the European Economic Community, are available to producers and service providers around the world, to evaluate the performance and identify opportunities for development” – declares Mr Giuseppe Macolino – founder member of the company.

ENAVE is therefore ready to accompany your company in this way, pre-established and agreed, providing a valuable support in all steps of preparation, implementation, obtaining certification through document analysis and on-site audit and by laboratory tests and focused tests. At the end of the evaluation, is issued a certificate of quality and the product or service can then obtain the label EQA.

EQA – a mark you can trust

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