ENAVE: Over Ten Years of Excellence in Nautical Services

Today we celebrate an important milestone: ENAVE’s birthday!

With over a decade of activity and success, ENAVE has developed and established itself as a cornerstone in the yachting sector. Founded in 2010 by naval engineers Giuseppe Macolino and Francesco Prinzivalli, ENAVE was created with the aim of offering highly specialized and versatile services, catering to the diverse needs of the European nautical landscape.

ENAVE’s Mission

The vision of the founders was clear: to create a company capable of gathering and enhancing the skills of a network of professionals, offering much more than mere administrative procedures. ENAVE guides its clients through a comprehensive process, ensuring the fullest expression of the potential of the product to be marketed or owned.

Recognitions and Expertise

Jointly recognized by the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Economic Development for operating in the field of pleasure boats, ENAVE has become a reference point for technical nautical culture in Italy, thanks to its intense activity in scientific research, technology, and education. As a Notified Body to the European Union by the Italian state, ENAVE is authorized to conduct conformity assessment procedures for CE marking and perform suitability inspections for the safety certificates of Italian boats.

Among the various units marked CE by ENAVE, some have been awarded prestigious honors such as the Boat International Design & Innovation Awards and the Miglio Blu Design Awards, including this year’s Bolide 80 by Victory Design. Additionally, ENAVE has certified several winners of the ORC World Championships in offshore sailing, such as the GS44 by Grand Soleil and the IY11.98 by Italia Yachts, along with many other recognized and awarded units worldwide.

ENAVE’s Staff and Partnerships

ENAVE boasts a staff composed of highly specialized naval engineers and technicians, capable of responding to customer needs with professional integrity, technical competence, and intellectual independence. The central office welcomes customer requests, guiding them through all phases of paperwork processing, always prioritizing their needs and technical requests to best satisfy their desires.

ENAVE has forged important partnerships, including with World Sailing, and is a member of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). These collaborations underscore ENAVE’s commitment to providing quality services and maintaining high standards of safety and innovation.

Comprehensive Services and Nationwide Presence

ENAVE operates nationwide and in various foreign locations, allowing it to conduct inspections and resolve any problems quickly and economically. Staff members are experts in various aspects of yachting, from designing to constructing sail or motor units, from inspections for issuing and validating safety certificates to conformity assessments for CE marking on individual components or entire boats.

Specialized Services Offered by ENAVE

  1. Nautical Safety Certificates: ENAVE conducts inspections and assessments for issuing, renewing, and validating nautical safety certificates and other checks as required by the Nautical Code and Safety Regulations.
  2. CE Marking: ENAVE handles CE marking for motor and sail pleasure craft and jet skis under Directive 2013/53/EU, as well as post-construction CE marking for units undergoing significant transformations.
  3. Quality Certification: EQA certifies the high quality of products and services in the nautical supply chain. It represents a valid alternative or complement to CE marking. Following a qualitative evaluation process, ENAVE issues a quality certificate, ensuring the product or service’s excellence.
  4. Support for Offshore Racing: ENAVE performs evaluations and analyses of boat projects wishing to participate in offshore races in categories 0, 1, and 2, according to the Offshore Special Regulations by World Sailing.
  5. Technical Tests and Evaluations: Utilizing certified professionals and laboratories, ENAVE conducts tests for gaseous and acoustic emissions of marine engines, crash tests on steering wheels and helm wheels, osmosis and delamination investigations, thickness verification for composite and metallic materials, rot verification and humidity measurement for wooden materials, and watertight and pressure tests on tanks and other components.
  6. Training and Consulting: ENAVE offers its technical expertise for training courses, webinars, and educational conferences. It is accredited by the CNI as a provider for issuing Professional Credits for Engineers, both in person and remotely.

The Future of ENAVE

Today, as we celebrate ENAVE’s birthday, we proudly look back at the achievements and milestones reached. ENAVE continues to grow and evolve, always focusing on the quality and excellence of its services. Thanks to the diversification of our services, tailored to each client type, we aim to provide comprehensive support, addressing every aspect of the project to be carried out or the issue to be resolved. Let’s celebrate this decade of success together and look forward to the future with enthusiasm and determination.

ENAVE – Ente Navale Europeo: the measure of your passion in making!

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