Estensione dell'Accettazione della Marcatura CE nel Regno Unito

Extension of CE Marking Acceptance in the United Kingdom

The onset of Brexit has brought about a series of significant changes in trade regulations between the United Kingdom and the European Union. One of the key aspects has been the transition from a CE marking-based system to one in which the United Kingdom sets its own directives and standards. However, in an action that can be seen as an attempt to maintain a certain regulatory harmony, the United Kingdom has extended the acceptance of the CE marking even for watercraft and their components.

CE Marking: A Brief Overview

CE marking has long been a recognized brand in Europe, indicating that a product complies with the European Union’s regulations for safety, health, and the environment. It is a mark that assures consumers and end-users that the product meets established quality standards. Ahead of Brexit, CE marking was accepted both in the United Kingdom and in EU countries.

Changes Following Brexit

With Brexit, many regulatory matters have been reevaluated. This led to the establishment of a new marking system, the UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) marking, specifically designed for the British market. Products intended for the UK market must now own the UKCA mark to demonstrate their compliance with local regulations.

Extension of CE Marking Acceptance

Despite the shift to the UKCA system, the United Kingdom has chosen to extend the acceptance of the CE marking, initially until December 2024 and now without a defined limit, also for watercraft and their components. This decision aims to facilitate the transition and provide more time for both British and EU manufacturers to comply with the new regulatory requirements. This means that watercraft and their components owning the CE marking can continue to be marketed and used in the United Kingdom.

Advantages of the Extension

This extension of CE marking acceptance offers several advantages to the industry of watercraft and its components:

  1. Business Continuity: Industry operators can continue to market their products in the UK without significant interruptions, while gradually adapting to the new regulations.
  2. Reduced Complexity: The extension allows manufacturers to avoid the burden of joining immediately to the new UKCA marking scheme, simplifying the adaptation process.
  3. Time to Adjust: Manufacturers have more time to understand the new regulatory requirements and make necessary changes to their production processes.


The extension of CE marking acceptance in the United Kingdom for watercraft and their components represents a step toward a smoother and more progressive transition into the new post-Brexit regulations. This decision provides a certain degree of flexibility and support to the watercraft industry, allowing stakeholders to gradually adapt to the new regulatory landscape. However, it’s crucial for manufacturers to remain aware of ongoing changes and begin considering the adoption of the UKCA marking to ensure compliance with the future regulatory requirements of the British market.


Here is the press release from the Government of the United Kingdom.