ENAVE: Assurance of Safety and Performance in Offshore Racing

ENAVE, reaffirms itself as an essential reference point for the safety and optimal performance of vessels undertaking the challenges of offshore racing. Beyond the traditional activities of CE marking and safety inspections, ENAVE stands out for its expertise in naval engineering, particularly in the crucial inspection of keels and rudders, providing invaluable value to the world of competitive sailing.

Offshore Racing

The control of keels and rudders is crucial to ensure the performance and safety of boats during offshore races in category OSR 3 with or without a life raft (such as the RAN, Roma, Giraglia, 500, Brindisi-Corfù, Three Gulfs races, etc.). World Sailing, the governing body for competitive sailing, imposes rigorous standards to ensure that each participating boat is equipped with reliable control and stability systems. As a Notified Body designated by the Italian government, ENAVE plays a key role in meeting these requirements.

ENAVE’s team of engineers boasts deep expertise in the design and verification of boats intended for offshore racing. Our mission is to ensure that boats are equipped with efficient control systems, allowing sailors to fully express their abilities in competition. At the same time, ensuring the safety of the crew remains a primary objective.

Education and Information for the Sailing Community

In addition to its inspection and verification services, ENAVE plays a crucial role in education and information dissemination. The organization equips boat owners and crews with the latest insights into emerging technologies and safety equipment for sailboats. This commitment continually raises the standards within the sailing community, contributing to safer and more informed navigation.

ENAVE is not merely a Technical Control Body but a reliable partner for boat owners and sailors striving for excellence in offshore racing. Its ability to ensure compliance with international standards, enhance boat safety, and provide access to quality information makes ENAVE an indispensable player in the nautical landscape.

In a world where competition and safety are paramount, ENAVE stands out as a beacon of expertise and reliability, offering a service that goes beyond mere compliance and embraces the mission of promoting a culture of safe and high-performance sailing.

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