ENAVE and the del Pardo Shipyard – A history 10 boats long

For some years now we have been in close collaboration with the Del Pardo Shipyard, a historic Italian boatbuilders’ that has written, in its over forty years of operation, an important chapter in modern nautical history, producing standard regatta boats with high quality standards combined with elegant and innovative design.

Our understanding with the shipyard was immediate, both because ENAVE promotes and supports quality Made in Italy, and because companies that, over the years, have been able to integrate technology, innovation, passion and design are firmly in line with the philosophy of our company.

In just a few years, therefore, we have supervised their CE marking of 10 new models, 3 of which are still being processed and will be presented in the coming months.

The project began on the Grand Soleil sailboats, for which we have curated several models belonging to the Long Cruise line as well as some models belonging to the Performance line.

Over time, the good professional relationship established and our technical skills have meant that we have also been entrusted with motorboat models.

Every single CE marking has been analysed in detail by our naval engineers, who together with the technical office of the shipyard, were able to transform the problems that from time to time arise into opportunities for developing brilliant ideas able to put boats in the water.

In all the cases analysed, solutions were implemented to optimize the characteristics of the boat in accordance with the current regulations.

We are very happy with this collaboration, which allows us to work side by side with one of the largest Italian shipyards and to fully express our professionalism.

While we await the launch of the new models onto the market, we hope that our joint history will last for another 10, 100 or even 1000 boats!


GALLERY: several models from the Del Pardo Shipyard that we have worked on