Now you can turn to ENAVE for an analysis of the fluids in your onboard machinery, from main engines to generator sets, winches, hydraulic control units etc…

Analysis of on-board fluids involves investigating the chemical and physical properties of the fluid (lubricant or coolant) after a certain period of use, as well as detecting possible contaminants, in order to obtain information on the operating conditions of the system and the condition of the fluid itself.

The main purpose of these tests is to detect the so-called “weak signals” in the fluid in the form of contaminants or chemical/physical degradation; this is an important step in helping you to preserve the integrity of your engine and connected systems.

In the marine sector, propulsion is an area in which control and prevention are essential for protecting assets from serious failures and for ensuring safe use, and this applies to both petrol and diesel engines.

The discontinuous use of the engines sometimes worsens their preservation, favouring the phenomena of galvanic corrosion and degradation of exposed surfaces. The presence of unburned diesel fuel (or, even worse, petrol) compromises the viscosity of the fluid, causing wear and tear, especially during start-up.

Checking the operational and functional degradation of propulsion equipment by analysing fluids is an inexpensive operation for the owner, and rapidly yields results useful for assessing the performance of your engine.

Likewise, lubricant (or hydraulic) oils from operating machinery etc., can be analysed to verify their current health status; these tests fall into the category of “non-destructive tests”, and essentially have diagnostic and preventative value, indicating the health status of the machinery by “reading” the composition of the fluid. This type of analysis provides a quick snapshot of the severity of any damage to a mechanical component, helping you prevent impending serious, and expensive, failure.

We are currently offering all ENAVE customers the opportunity to take advantage of our low-price but high-efficacy service for monitoring your lubricants, coolants and fuels. Call us today for a HEALTH CHECK of your engine or machinery, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE THINKING OF BUYING A BOAT.

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