The new EU Directive 2013/53 consigns EC Directive 94/25 to the scrapheap

From the 18th January 2017, it will not be allowed to sell boats, jet-skis, components or pleasurecraft motors that have not been certified according to EU Directive 2013/53. On the same date, certifications issued under the old EC Directive 94/25 will no longer be valid.

In short, the new law:

  • Clarifies and updates the design categories (A, B, C and D) of watercraft on the basis of marine weather conditions
  • Reduces the gaseous emission limits for motors to below those dictated by the legislation adopted in 2003
  • Updates the “safeguard clause”, improving the criteria for market surveillance (especially for imported products)
  • Establishes new requisites for manufacturers, importers and distributors of boating supplies

In addition, the new Directive tightens and extends several of the basic requirements of watercraft, such as protection against falling overboard, prevention of discharge at sea, buoyancy, and means of escape from multi-hulled vessels.

Any manufacturer or distributor of watercraft or boating components is welcome to turn to ENAVE for the re-issue of safety certificates to comply with EU/2013/53, whether for new products or those that have been on the market for some time. ENAVE has already been authorised by the Italian Ministries of Economic Development and Transport to issue new CE certificates, and we are on hand to help you review and update your technical dossiers in line with the new legislation.

Get in touch with the ENAVE office staff, who will be happy to provide you with the information you need and a quote for supervising the transition from the old to the new CE certificates.